Call for papers

The workshop will be composed of presentations and workshops. Each has different requirements regarding the length, time allocation and content.

Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail to by 27 April 2015.
A 300 - 500 word proposal is required for all categories. Please add your name, affiliation, e-mails and keywords.
At least one of the authors should register online via the workshop website before 15 August 2015.


These include research /theoretical papers and presentations on theoretical background and solutions, opinions on some practical aspects of the topic, projects and solutions that are in progress, case studies, challenges, best practices.

Time allocation: 20 min presentation + 10 min discussion


Workshops involve active participation and discussion with the focus on participants being able to develop skills or practical ideas for future implementation in their own practice. Workshop proposals should include futher information such as topics to be covered, objectives, target audience and equipment needed.

Time allocation: 1 hour

Accepted abstracts and presentations will be available online.

Main topics

1. Competencies and skills for e-research support (specific topics or fields of knowledge such as data management, academic identity management, publication support, funding support)

2. Librarians’ skills: Advanced training for research support librarians (internal training programme, staff planning, …)

3. Approaches and methods for e-research-support (one-to-one, boutique approach, lunch sessions, interactive workshops, project counselling, embedded librarians, …)

4. Support networks (round tables with involved units, cooperation with IT departments, faculty representatives or university administration, …)

5. Promoting and evaluating library services for researchers (surveys of researchers’ requirements, evaluation of existing library services, marketing activities, ….)